Copywriting & Branded Content

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Stephen blogs for, an all-mobile bank aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs. You can find a few of his recent posts below.

Time Out of Mind: 5 Apps That Help Prevent Distraction

5 Things Creative Freelancers Should Know Before Entering a Competitive Market

Three Ways to Not Completely Lose It While Working From Home

750 for wp

A user case study for SevenFifty, a beverage industry software platform.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 4.59.07 PM

A landing page for IntakeTracker, a CRM built for mental health treatment centers.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

A website for Ray Vaughn, a famed San Francisco punk rocker turned singer/songwriter.


An artist biography for Xavi Panneton a popular Ashland, Oregon-based painter.


A professional biography for green entrepreneur Zach Carson.


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